Kitchen Tables And Chairs

kitchen table

Oak kitchen tables and chairs for sale. Includes dining tables as well as dining tables. Other woods available include pine and ash.

Kitchen Island Units

Kitchen Island Unit

Free standing kitchen island units with wood or granite worktops - Made with the finest quality oak and pine.

Kitchen Dressers

kitchen dresser

A large selection of kitchen dressers for sale. Many sizes and styles including french painted and antique dressers in oak and pine wood.

Wine Racks & Cabinets

wine rack

Oak wine racks and cabinets. Our range includes traditional as well as modern / contemporary wine racks.

Kitchen Stools

oak kitchen stool

Our Florence kitchen stool is made from reclaimed oak and is lacquer finished. It has a rustic style with plenty of charm.

All Kitchen Furniture

oak kitchen furniture

Bowse all of our kitchen furniture including tables, chairs, worktops, kitchen island units, dressers, wine racks and cabinets, sink units, cupboards, stools and more. Free UK delivery on orders over £300.

Solid Oak Kitchen Furniture

What started out as a modest collection of top quality solid oak kitchen furniture now includes dozens of items made from a variety of wood including Ash, Pine and Mahogany. Our kitchen furniture range also covers many styles, from traditional and even retro furniture to more contemporary or modern styles. Whatever your taste, we will surely have something that will be a welcome addition to your home.