Dining Table & Chair Sets

solid oak dining table & chair sets

A selection of table and chair sets at discounted prices.

Dining Chairs

solid oak dining chairs

Our dining chairs include leather and fabric backed chairs as well as solid wood chairs.

Dining Tables

solid oak dining tables

A wide selection of tables including square, circular and extractable dingi room tables.

Side Boards

solid oak sideboards

Both small and large sideboards with waxed, painted and plain wood surfaces. Antique and vintage models available.


solid oak dressers

Welsh dressers, antique and French dressers, painted dressers and more.

Wine Cabinets & Wine Racks

solid oak wine cabinets & wine racks

A wide selection of wooden wine racks for sale including oak, mahogany and pine wine racks.

Solid Oak Dining Room Furniture

Welcome to our selection of solid oak dining room furniture. On this page, you will find a fantastic selection of furniture items including dining tables, chairs, dressers, coffee tables, sideboards, cupboards, cabinets wine racks and more. All of our furniture is made to the highest standards and is sourced from some of the leading brands in the UK including Havana and Hereford furniture.

Dining Room Tables

We stock a wide range of dining room tables made the finest quality oak. We stock all shapes, styles and sizes, so whether you want to buy a square, round, oval or extendable table, we will have something that is right for you. We also have a nice selection of table and chair sets at discounted prices.

Dining Room Chairs

Our selection of dining room chairs includes solid oak chairs as well as chairs with leather and fabric seats and back rests. Our chairs come from many of the top manufacturers and designers including CPW, Orly and Bently Designs. Free delivery to the UK is provided with every order over £300.